About Us
Company Profile

We intend to fulfill our role as a company that contributes to medical progress and people’s better health around the world.

Business Fields

Teika Pharmaceutical’s social mission: to meet the increasingly sophisticated medical demands, and contribute to improvement in quality of life (QOL) for people

Reserch & Development

We are engaged in the development of new drugs and drug formulations to deliver more effective medicines to the world.

Quality Assurance And Safety

We are committed to manufacture and deliver safe and high-quality medicines through conducting quality assurance and safety management based on Japanese ministerial ordinances including GMP, GQP, and GVP.

Contract Manufacturing
Contract Manufacturing

We have a flexible production system such as a diversified small-quantity manufacturing and an investigational new drug manufacturing that can be tailored to the needs of customers.

Production Facilities

Here are introductions of our production facilities complying with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, where clients feel secure.

Eye Drops
Transdermal Patches
Oral Medicines and Liquid Medicines