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Message Message Bringing Trust, Safety, and Peace of Mind. Toward the Future, into the World.
Takeshi Matsui,President

Our predecessor, Teikoku Kasei was founded in June 1945,
through a merger of two companies: Daiichi Yakuhin Kasei, which practiced a traditional form of medicine sales dating back to the Edo Period (1603-1868), and the Teikoku Fishery Processing Research Institute, the inventor of sugar-coated pills. In May 1974, the company was renamed to Teika Pharmaceutical, an abbreviation of "Teikoku Kasei," and simultaneously merged with the existing Teika Pharmaceutical, a subsidiary sales company.

Teika Pharmaceutical has long been a player in the pharmaceutical industry: we have a tradition of pursuing ways to bring longer lives to our customers and to serve society. We also invented and commercialized a new sugar-coating process for easier-to-take pills. Our DNA contains both this spirit of service and this sense of enterprising initiative.

Many technological innovations have emerged during the postwar period, transforming a number of industries. Pharmaceutical production in Japan was also reborn, transitioning from a cottage industry to modern factories. In 1961, universal health insurance became a reality in Japan, leading to growth in ethical drugs, as well as the establishment of standards and internationalization for quality control practices, including GMP and PIC/S initiatives.

Even amid these major changes to our business environment, Teika Pharmaceutical’s DNA extends back to our founding, and we continue to take on the challenges of developing new products and manufacturing technologies. Today, we boast a base in Toyama, the “Capital of Pharmaceuticals” ready to take on a wide range of dosage forms, including eye drops, adhesive skin patches, ointments, oral dosage forms, and health drinks.
We have also earned recognition as a research and development-oriented company with proprietary technologies such as howatt®.*

Advances in genome technology and AI technology have also come to the world of pharmaceuticals. At Teika Pharmaceutical, we prize the DNA we inherit from our founding, as we continue working to contribute to bringing about healthy lifestyles, through the development, manufacturing, and sale of pharmaceuticals that deliver trust and safety, from ethical drugs to over-the-counter (OTC) drugs.

We look forward to serving our customers for many more years to come.

*A commercial production technology for orally disintegrating tablets.