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Teika Pharmaceutical’s social mission: to meet the increasingly sophisticated medical demands, and contribute to improvement in quality of life (QOL) for people. As a comprehensive pharmaceutical company that handles all kinds of medical supplies, from ethical drugs to over-the-counter drugs and quasi drugs, we at Teika Pharmaceutical proactively invest in drug discovery research, while refining formulation technology, improving product quality, and providing a stable supply.

Manufacturing and Sales of Prescription Drugs, Over-the-Counter Drugs, and Quasi Drugs

We are a comprehensive pharmaceutical company that handles the entire process, from development to manufacturing and sales, of a broad range of products.

We have formulation technology for a diverse range of products, such as eye drops, ointments, patches, internal agents, and liquid medicines. A team is assembled for each dosage form, to carry out the entire process, from basic research to product development, manufacturing, and sales. We manufacture and supply medicines, putting ourselves in the position of patients and healthcare professionals.

Drug Discovery Research

We conduct exploratory research, development research, and clinical research, for the purpose of creating new drugs.

We strive to develop new drugs, targeting disease areas where treatment satisfaction and drug contribution are low even today. We take on a variety of activities related to creating new drugs, including clarifying the causes of diseases and the mechanisms of their actions, exploring and developing promising compounds, verification with pathogenic model animals, clinical trials, and more.

Formulation Technology Development

We handle everything in-house, including pharmaceutical development, pharmacodynamic evaluation, assay evaluation, industrialization/commercialization, and application for approval.

We develop a wide variety of products, such as solid medicines, eye drops,patches, liquid medicines, and health drinks. In particular, we have proprietary know-how in transdermal absorption technology and orally disintegrating tablet manufacturing technology. We handle everything in-house, from lab-scale trial production to manufacture, physical properties evaluation, and stability evaluation.

Contract Manufacturing

Our manufacturing technology allows for diverse dosage forms,enabling us to supply highly reliable medicines to customers worldwide.

Our dedicated factory for products of high pharmacological activities and the other factories for common drugs are equipped with production lines that can produce various dosage forms, which enables us to offer contract manufacturing services for drugs and quasi drugs to many domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies.