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Corporate History Corporate History
June 1945
Established Teikoku Kasei Co., Ltd. through a merger between Daiichi Yakuhin Kasei Co., Ltd. and Teikoku Suisan Kakou Kenkyusho Co., Ltd., Capitalized at 750,000 yen Launched Comvita sugar-coated fish-oil tablets by Arakawa Chotaro Gomei Kaisya
Sept. 1949
Launched Tantoze Tablets stomach, intestines, and liver enhancement supplement by Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Launched Teikapas mint rubber plasters
Feb. 1959
Launched Teika Eye Drops with vitamin A
Jan. 1961
Capitalized at 10 million yen Established a subsidiary Teika Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Tokyo and expanded the business to prescription and over-the-counter products
Dec. 1966
Launched Teikapap anti-inflammatory analgesic patch
Apr. 1967
Launched Fujipap transdermal patch by Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Dec. 1968
Launched Gehal prescription transdermal patch nationwide
May 1974
Changed the corporate name to Teika Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Dec. 1975
Capitalized at 100 million yen
Mar. 1979
Prepared buildings and facilities complying with GMP
May 1983
Expanded the manufacturing building 3 (a factory for transdermal patches)
May 1987
Launched Tanabe Megusuri Soft eye drops by Tanabe Seiyaku Co., Ltd.
July 1987
Spin off sales department into a subsidiary Teika Yakuhin Co., Ltd.
June 1988
Launched Idomethine Kowa Pap prescription transdermal patch by Kowa Shinyaku Co., Ltd.
Mar. 1990
Completed the Manufacturing Building 5 (factory for prescription transdermal patches)
Dec. 1990
Completed the Manufacturing Building 6 (factory for ointments)
Dec. 1991
Launched Sorenurse Pasta prescription ointment for the treatment of bedsore
June 1992
Launched Aconip prescription transdermal patch
Dec. 1993
Completed the New Research Laboratory
Mar. 1994
Purchased a site for building a factory (13,363 m2)
Mar. 1996
Completed the Distribution Center(Warehouse 11)
Apr. 1996
Absorbed Teika Yakuhin Co., Ltd.
Aug. 1997
Launched Laction Pap prescription heat patch
Oct. 1997
Launched Vantelin Kowa Pap over-the-counter transdermal patch by Kowa Company, Ltd.
Dec. 1998
Completed Distribution Center(Warehouse 11)
Aug. 1999
Launched Nipranol Eye Solution prescription eye drops for the treatment of glaucoma and ocular hypertension
Dec. 1999
Completed the Warehouse 7
June 2000
Expanded the facility for ointments in the Manufacturing Building 7
July 2000
Purchased a site for factory (5,800.72 m2)
Launched Eyecare 0.1 prescription eye drops for the treatment of cornea
July 2001
Installed the world’s first robotic production facility for filling ophthalmic solution in the Manufacturing Building 7
Mar. 2002
Expanded the Manufacturing Buildings 5 and 7
Oct. 2002
Obtained ISO 14001 certification
Aug. 2003
Completed a robotic eye drops packaging line in the Manufacturing Building 7 and prepared an integrated robotic production system for eye drops
Apr. 2004
Established a subsidiary staffing company Teika Pharma Co., Ltd.
Feb. 2005
Completed the Manufacturing Building 8 (ointment factory dedicated for ingredients with highly potent pharmacological activity)
Mar. 2010
Absorbed a subsidiary Daiichi Yakuhin K. K.
Feb. 2012
Completed the Manufacturing Building 10 (factory for transdermal patches)
Sept. 2013
Expanded production facilities in the Manufacturing Buildings 7 and 8 (for eye drops and ointments)
Feb. 2014
Completed the Warehouse 8
May 2017
Completed the Quality Control Building 2
Sept. 2019
Completed a GxP management building