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Transdermal Patches

We respond to the growing demand for transdermal patches by a wealth of our specialized equipment and experience.

Meeting new needs.

We develop and manufacture ethical and over-the-counter anti-inflammatory transdermal patches which are supplied either under our brand or under our client’s brand. By leveraging our formulation know-how accumulated through these experiences, we also manufacture other transdermal preparations, such as an antibiotic ointment dressing. We are also working to apply these technologies to other products to meet market needs.

Fully-equipped dedicated lines for integrated production.

We have accumulated extensive know-how on transdermal systems, such as the permeability of active ingredients and methods to achieve optimal adherence. With the capability to promptly handle everything from industrialization planning to commercialization, we manufacture a wide variety of products on our clients’ behalf as well as under our own brand.

Product Examples

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