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Orally administered drugs and Liquid Medicines

We aim to develop medicines that are easy for even children and elderly
people to take, easy to use, and can be taken at any time.

We have a wide variety of formulation technologies.

We have formulation technologies and manufacturing lines for a wide variety of orally administered drugs, including tablets, capsules, and granules, and external preparations including powdered nasal sprays, liquid medicines, liquid nasal sprays, and oral sprays, and health drinks. Various products are available as over-the-counter drugs, prescription drugs, and quasi-drugs. We are also active in contract manufacturing.

Our proprietary HOWATT® technology.

Our HOWATT® technology is a new formulation technology developed in-house for orally disintegrating tablets that quickly dissolve in the mouth, and can be taken without water. We have successfully commercialized and launched products that use this technology, including anti-diarrheal drugs, rhinitis drugs, and motion sickness drugs. We conduct pharmaceutical development with the aim of making medicines that can easily be taken even by elderly people, children, and those with difficulty in swallowing.

Product Examples (Oral medicines)

Ethical drugs
Over-the-counter drugs
(Solid medicines for internal use, vitamin preparations, cold remedies, and medicines for nutritional fortification)

Product Examples(Liquid Medicines)

Ethical drugs (medicines)
Over-the-counter drugs (medicines)
(Health drinks, sprays, and contact lens solution)