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Production Facilities Production Facilities

Ointments, Cream, Gel

Our factories boast an industry-leading track record of production.
We also have a dedicated factory for products with high pharmacological activities.

Rapid operation through accumulated experience.

We manufacture ethical and over-the-counter ointments, creams, gels, pastes, and liquids. Our factory dedicated for products of high pharmacological activity, featuring advanced manufacturing technology, has an extensive track record of manufacturing products both under our own brand and on our client’ behalf. By leveraging our accumulated experience and know-how, we can rapidly support the process from industrialization planning to commercialization.

Industry-leading manufacturing capability.

We have industry-leading facilities for manufacturing, filling (aluminum tubes, laminate tubes, plastic bottles), and packaging (individual packaging, corrugated paper wrapping, encasing), allowing us to flexibly respond to needs for both mass production and diversified small-quantity production. With streamlined processes, we strive to make products that are comfortable to use.

Product Examples

Ethical drugs
Over-the-counter drugs