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Eye Drops

We supply both ethical and over-the-counter eye drops worldwide.
Our proprietary containers have received positive feedback from our customers.

We respond flexibly to customer needs.

Our goal is to make eye drops that are gentle on the eyes and comfortable to use. We can manufacture a wide variety of products, both ethical and over-the-counter. We can also flexibly respond to the changing market demand for various containers. We work actively on developing new products.

Proprietary elliptical containers.

In response to the needs of clinical settings, we have independently developed elliptical containers which allow instillation with less applied pressure. The containers have received positive feedback from healthcare professionals and other users, because the wide side surfaces make labels easy to read, and the shape prevents the containers from rolling. With our dedicated production line, we are ready to accept contract manufacturing that meets your needs, in addition to manufacturing our own products.

Product Examples

Ethical drugs
Over-the-counter drugs